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Radiator copper and aluminum separation technology process


Compared with the traditional separation process, the radiator copper-aluminum separator avoids the disadvantages of large loss and pollution caused by the "fire burning of copper", "water powder system" and other methods. It uses the physical dry separation method. It is a very environmentally friendly recycling and separation method that will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. It is the best choice for investment in the copper and aluminum water tank recycling industry at this stage! The radiator copper and aluminum separator passes through the entire process of crushing, sorting, and dust collection. The process implements automatic control, no dust, no smoke, and more effective than burned or wet, so in the current environment of energy conservation, environmental protection and waste recycling, it has a good market prospect and development space. The research and development of the radiator copper-aluminum separator saves a lot of labor. One or two people can complete the processing and production tasks. The air-conditioning radiator sorting equipment does not need to be washed to separate copper and aluminum so that the copper wire does not change color and black. The enclosed vacuum cleaner can achieve no dust emission, and the separation of copper and aluminum can reach more than 98%.

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine


1. The machine is suitable for dismantling and separating the internal copper and aluminum of waste air conditioners, old radiators, and waste water tanks;

2. This machine can quickly separate the internal copper and aluminum such as waste radiators and keep the original shape;

3. Use PLC automatic control to coordinate work between system equipment and reliable working environment;

4. The disassembly process of this machine is completed by one machine, no other equipment is needed to assist production;

5. It is equipped with magnetic separation equipment and adopts a strong magnetic drum sorting machine to separate the colored gold and iron metals contained in the materials;

6. The principle of specific gravity separation, using air flow separator, the separation degree can reach 98%;

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