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Which of the 5 waste plastic sorting technologies is better?


The combined waste plastics are difficult to recycle or have low reuse value. Waste plastics must be classified to achieve the purpose of effective recycling. There are many sorting technologies for plastics, mainly including vibration sorting, airflow sorting, liquid sorting, electromagnetic sorting and photoelectric sorting.

Plastic Electrostatic Separator Recycling Machine

1. Vibration separation technology Vibration separation technology uses the reciprocating motion of a vibrating bed to drive the material on the bed to produce vibration. The main principle is to use the frictional force and inertial force generated between the material and the bed surface to form different displacement movements of the material particles, and achieve the separation effect through the displacement difference between the material particles. Vibration sorting has a better effect when processing materials with large differences in density.

2. Air flow sorting technology

Airflow sorting, also known as wind sorting, uses airflow to blow the mixed materials of waste plastics and other materials, so that denser materials fall closer, and lighter-density materials fall farther to achieve material sorting.

3. Liquid separation technology

Liquid separation technology uses the density difference between liquid and plastic particles to realize the separation of different types of waste plastics. Studies have found that the factors that affect the sorting effect are the density of plastic materials, the properties and sizes of plastic materials.

4. Electromagnetic separation technology

Magnetic separation technology is a technology that uses the magnetic difference of various materials to sort under the action of magnetic force and other forces. The electrostatic separation technology uses the different electrical conductivity of various plastics and the electrostatic properties of the electric field acting on the plastics for sorting. Electromagnetic separation technology is a combination of electrostatic action and magnetic separation.

5. Photoelectric sorting technology

Photoelectric sorting is an automated sorting based on the differences in the spectral properties of different plastics. It is divided into absorption spectra (such as infrared and ultraviolet absorption spectra), emission spectra (such as fluorescence spectra) and scattering spectra (such as Raman spectroscopy) Etc. 3 types. The three elements to analyze the infrared spectrum of plastic materials are the peak position, shape and intensity.

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