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Circuit board crushing, recycling and sorting equipment processing technology


Circuit Board Recycling Machine

1. Dismantling

Pass the waste circuit board through the electronic original disassembly machine to disassemble the electronic components on the waste circuit board, and the disassembled electronic components can be directly crushed and processed by the circuit board crushing, recycling and sorting equipment.

2. Broken

The disassembled waste circuit boards are put into the crusher in the circuit board crushing recycling and sorting equipment for crushing, and the large pieces of waste circuit boards are broken into small pieces for the next step of sorting;

3. Magnetic separation

The crushed materials are sent to the airflow specific gravity separator through the conveyor belt for sorting. During the conveying process, the iron will be removed by magnetic separation, and the iron in the waste circuit boards will be extracted;

4. Air specific gravity sorting

After the waste circuit board materials are sent to the air-flow sorter in the circuit board crushing, recycling and sorting equipment, they will sort out the heavier metal according to the different proportions of metal and non-metal resin;

5. Electrostatic sorting

The remaining materials will be further sorted by the electrostatic sorting machine in the circuit board crushing recovery sorting equipment to improve the sorting rate. The electrostatic waste sorter sorts out the resin according to the electrostatic properties. Small particles are difficult to be sorted by the airflow specific gravity sorter. After the electrostatic sorter is sorted, the metal and the resin can be completely separated. The sorting purity can be Up to 99% or more.

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