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Composition and screening structure and principle description of small Cable Wire Recycling Machine


The significance of the dry-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine is reflected in all aspects of our lives. Waste electric cables, thin wires for automobiles, etc. can be turned into treasures through small Cable Wire Recycling Machines and reused as new energy. The complete small Cable Wire Recycling Machine production line includes crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors, induced draft fans, collectors, bag filters, screw feeders and electrostatic separators; crushers, vibrating screens and electrostatic separators are located in turn On the ground, there is a conveyor between the crusher and the vibrating screen, and a screw feeder is set between the vibrating screen and the electrostatic separator; the crusher and the vibrating screen are connected to the air inlet of the induced draft fan with pipes, and the collectors are respectively Pipes are used to connect the air outlet of the bag filter and the induced draft fan. Although the device is added to the bag filter, the dust in the production process of the crusher and the vibrating screen is reduced to a certain extent.

Small Cable Wire Granulator

Dry small Cable Wire Recycling Machine consists of four parts: copper rice crusher + air flow filter + induced air dust removal system + dust discharge system on a working table, small Cable Wire Recycling Machine screening structure air flow screen, motor power: 43kw, feeding For the granularity of miscellaneous wires, the crusher breaks the waste wires and directly leaks to the vibrating screening machine. After a certain amount of material is stored on the screening machine, the induced air and air supply devices are activated, the vibrating screening device is activated, and the dust removal and phoenix device is activated. If the metal purity is not up to the requirement, loosen the fan-shaped handle of the air supply duct at the back of the machine and adjust the air supply to increase. In the case of ensuring the purity of the metal, try not to open the air supply too much, otherwise it will affect the metal recovery rate.

The dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine efficiently utilizes waste electric cable resources, which can effectively control environmental pollution and usher in energy regeneration, creating huge economic benefits. It is a professional waste electric cable separation and recycling equipment, which is beneficial to the country and the people. Green environmental protection industry. The replaceable crusher screen and the sorter screen of the dry-type small Cable Wire Recycling Machine can process most of the waste wires and cables on the market, such as: household lighting cables, network cables, single-core cables, industrial cables, communication lines, Single core aluminum wire, etc. The recovery capacity is 300-500kg/h (depending on the processing raw materials, the processing capacity will vary), the recovery rate>98% (the recovery rate depends on the thickness of the raw materials) the purity of the discharged material>99.8%

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