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How to debug the small copper meter frequency modulator


There are many types of Cable Wire Recycling Machine, and customers should choose the right copper rice machine according to the material when purchasing.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The small dry copper rice machine, as a professional equipment for separating copper wire and plastic skin, has been sought after as soon as it went on the market. But not all Cable Wire Recycling Machine can play a very good sorting effect. For the copper rice machine, the measurement standard is whether the separation is clean and thorough. The main thing is that the separated copper rice should not contain a lot of plastic skin. Needless to say, the effect of the small dry copper metering machine on square wires, cables and other good wires is easy and the effect is very good. However, it is not so easy to handle miscellaneous wires such as capillary wires and electrical wires. If the tuner is not adjusted properly, it is very easy to damage the copper. Affect the sorting effect.

The frequency modulator of the small dry copper rice machine mainly adjusts the amplitude and the air volume. Because the Asia-Pacific environmental protection copper rice machine uses air-flow type specific gravity sorting. Especially for miscellaneous wires, the copper wire is very thin, and the weight differs very little from the plastic skin. If the tuner can't work closely with each other, the effect will be much worse. For different lines, the coordination of amplitude and air volume should be adjusted. For example, a line with heavier plastic skin can have a larger air volume and a lower amplitude. For lines with similar proportions, the air volume should be reduced slowly, and the frequency of the amplitude should be faster.

The reason why SUNY GROUP's copper rice machine has a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets is not only due to our advanced equipment, but also the attention to detail by our designers and production workers. Our technicians will teach the operator the details of the operation during the on-site installation. If there is a problem in the subsequent use, our after-sales service staff will call, video or even directly solve it in the customer's factory. Let all customers who buy our equipment have no worries.

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