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The operation technology of scrap tire shredder is very important


I believe many customers understand that the scrap tire shredder is not just a piece of equipment, but a production line. It consists of a tire dissolving (cutting, cutting, and block) shredder, wire separation equipment, screening machine and its fully automatic Sealing bags and other machinery and equipment, based on the mutual cooperation and production of these equipment can produce rubber powder or granules, in the waste tire shredder, the important equipment is the mill equipment.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

The operation technology of a good scrap tire shredder is very critical

The key task of the waste tire crusher is to make the raw materials into powder. The pulverizer can separate the steel wire and the rubber powder according to the extrusion of the roller and the high pressure process without adding.

Waste tire crusher The mill is to feed the dissolved raw materials from the automatic belt conveyor (or feed hopper), and then pulverize and grind according to the mill. When the raw materials are crushed into small particles, the steel wire and The vulcanized rubber is separated, and then the steel wire can be completely separated by the wire sorting equipment.

Why is the pulverizer the key role of the scrap tire shredder? The pulverizer is the key to the production and processing of raw materials into powder. Make sure that the raw material is small particles before you can separate the steel wire with the mesh structure inside the tire to make a good rubber powder.

Continuous tests have confirmed that in order to produce high-quality rubber powder particles, customers must select suitable raw materials, a good scrap tire shredder and its skilled practical operation technology, so as to ensure the production of rubber powder. The quality of the particles is better, which will generate better profits for themselves.

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