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Advantages and disadvantages of Cable Wire Recycling Machine


Dry-type copper rice machine is a dry-type waste wire and cable recycling equipment. It mainly smashes and screens the recycled waste wires and cables to facilitate the subsequent recovery of copper and plastic in the waste cables. Since the waste cables will become rice-like copper particles after being processed and separated by the copper rice machine, it is called the copper rice machine.

Small Cable Wire Granulator

Advantages of Cable Wire Recycling Machine:

1. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine adopts integrated design, compact structure, small area, convenient to move and transport, increase the flexibility of the equipment, and save space for customers;

2. Large output, low noise, high sorting rate, the copper and plastics sorted out have high purity;

3. Fully automated processing technology, simple operation, only one operator can process and produce after powering on, which reduces labor and labor costs;

4. The equipment adopts dry separation method and advanced dust collection device to avoid water pollution, dust pollution and air pollution and protect the environment.

Disadvantages of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine: Compared with the wet copper rice machine, although there is no wet copper rice machine, it has a large output and a high sorting rate, but it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It will not be affected by the national environmental protection policy and will not be Environmental investigation and punishment.

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