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Process technology of circuit board recycling equipment dismantling and separating waste circuit boards


1. Dismantling: At present, the dismantling of e-waste is generally done by hand, with mechanical equipment as auxiliary. However, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the amount of e-waste is increasing. It is necessary to consider the use of mechanized treatment methods to improve the treatment. effectiveness. The device that automatically disassembles the electronic components in the waste circuit board automatically disassembles the old circuit board. The mechanical processing method of the circuit board recycling equipment that uses the physical properties of the components to sort has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, and easy to achieve large-scale. The current mechanical treatment methods mainly include dismantling, crushing, sorting, etc.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

2. Crushing: The circuit board crusher of the circuit board recycling equipment selects effective crushing equipment according to the physical characteristics of the material, and selects the degree of crushing of the material according to the sorting method used, which can not only improve the crushing efficiency and reduce energy consumption, but also It can also provide the premise and guarantee for the effective sorting of different materials. Fully consider the physical properties of materials. For example, the waste circuit boards after the components are removed are mainly composed of glass fiber reinforced resin copper clad laminates, which have the characteristics of high hardness, strong toughness, and good bending resistance. Therefore, crushing with shearing, cutting or impact is used. The equipment is more suitable. The shearing effect is used to break the waste printed circuit board, reduce the winding effect of the metal after the dissociation, and obtain a better dissociation effect.

3. Sorting: Electrostatic sorting uses the electrical difference of substances in high-voltage electric fields to achieve sorting, which is very effective for waste regeneration. There are two kinds of charging mechanisms: one is to charge by ion or electron collision, such as corona cylindrical sorting machine; the other is to charge by contact and friction, such as triboelectric separation, which can sort many different materials , Especially for two mixed plastics, the sorting is very effective. The electrostatic separator for separating metal and plastic can separate particles smaller than 0.1mm in size. The electrostatic separator sorts waste circuit boards to recover metals, and the recovery rate is higher for particles of 2-0.5mm.

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