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Precious metal refiner


Precious metals can generally refer to gold, silver, platinum, etc. Refiners refer to machines that process and purify coarse materials with impurities and low purity to obtain high-purity materials. Large-scale refining equipment includes rotary furnace, crucible furnace, electric arc furnace, calcining furnace, drying furnace, heat treatment machine, pulverizer, granulator, screening machine, mixer, automatic sampler, reactor, dissolver, precipitator, Electrolyzer and filter press, etc. However, these equipments are complex, with an investment of hundreds of millions, and are suitable for use in large-scale mines.

Precious metal refiner

In the production process of precious metal processing plants and jewelry factories, there will be loss of precious metals, and the lost materials are scattered in various wastes. Various types of waste include metal (metal powder produced by grinding, old K gold/miscellaneous silver, Waste goods, etc.), liquid (polishing liquid, dewaxing water, plating liquid, etc.), as well as waste gloves, waste towels, waste sandpaper, waste tools, etc. used in the production process. Among them, metal scraps are generally recycled by jewelry manufacturers, and the rest are contracted to recyclers. For metallic waste, since there is no professional recycling and purification equipment, simple recycling methods are generally used, hydrometallurgical purification methods, simple tools such as beakers, flasks, plastic barrels, electric furnaces, and even gas furnaces are used. Direct heating.

1) Put the metal powder, old gold/silver, waste, etc. produced by grinding into a beaker or flask; 2) Add solvent; 3) Heat with an electric furnace to dissolve the reaction; 4) Collect the filtrate after filtration, and add precipitant Reducing gold; 5) Filter media to reduce silver with reagents. Since the beaker or flask is open during the purification process, the waste gas and waste water generated in the process will be directly discharged into the external environment, causing serious pollution to the external environment, and the operator is also prone to accidents during operation.

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