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Can 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine make copper-plastic separation clean?

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The 500-type copper meter machine is a device designed and produced for various cable cables and various miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing, such as automotive circuit lines, communication cables, and other stripping machines. The 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine mainly uses copper-plastic separation to separate the crushed waste wires to extract pure copper rice by using an airflow vibration separation system. The working principle of the 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine is that under the drive of a high-speed, high-torque motor, the blade on the rotor of the shredder continuously cuts the waste wire into the machine cavity. Under continuous cutting impact, the waste wire is crushed into copper plastic The particles are separated by specific gravity separation bed to obtain pure copper. Then some customers will ask whether the 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine can make the copper-plastic separation clean? Today I will talk about the workflow and advantages of the 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine
Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The working process of the 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine uses a shredder to break the material into a length of about 3 cm, and then it is crushed by the second-breaker, and then sorted by a high-precision airflow separation type to obtain a plastic contract. The plastic that has not been cleaned is then sorted by an electrostatic sorter to ensure the recovery rate of copper. The 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine has a novel and unique structure, large production volume and low power consumption. High sorting rate, one-time feeding and multi-machine collaboration.

Features of 500-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and easy installation.

2. The waste wire and cable recycling treatment equipment adopts PLC control to make the equipment evenly feed, intelligent operation, and automatic alarm function, making the operation easier, saving time and effort, and ensuring the stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

3. The shredder uses a high-hardness spindle to make the crusher more impactful when it loads. Its working principle adopts a tearing type, which is composed of a miniature cutter head and a cylindrical cutter bar, which greatly reduces the input of wearing parts (cutters).

4. The pulverizer, sorting equipment and dust collection equipment adopt platform combination, which makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of the equipment.

5. The rotor of the pulverizer adopts alternating blade shafts, which makes the pulverizer have higher production efficiency, lower noise and more stable operation.

6. Waste wire and cable recycling treatment equipment uses airflow separation equipment combined with high-voltage electrostatic equipment, so that the separation rate is as high as 99%.

7. The material-returning system makes the semi-finished products to be crushed twice, ensuring the complete separation of metal and non-metal.

8. Bag dust collection equipment can effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99%. It fully complies with the national environmental protection requirements "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996, without secondary pollution.

9. The blades and screens of wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant and high-toughness alloy materials, which improves the service life and reduces the production cost.

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