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South Korean customers are satisfied with the test results of aluminum-plastic separator and ordered

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South Korean customers came to our SUNY GROUP on-site test machine, which is the trust of our company. The test machine aluminum-plastic separator is very satisfied with the on-site order of a complete set of aluminum-plastic separator equipment.

The aluminum-plastic separator production line is mainly used for aluminum-plastic separation of aluminum-plastic raw materials such as various aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic plates, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, and medical plates. It can also be used for various copper wires, cables and Separation and recycling of other plastic products. Due to the increasing demand for aluminum-plastic composite products, aluminum-plastic packaging, various aluminum-plastic scraps, etc., the waste aluminum-plastic composites and waste aluminum-plastic packaging produced are also increasing, and various recycling industries have also emerged. The company's aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is produced in response to this phenomenon. The aluminum-plastic separation machine is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the market sales are also large.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Features of aluminum-plastic separator: 1. All processes are physical separation, no heating and burning water and chemistry, so it is very environmentally friendly and no pollution. 2. The process cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the separation rate can reach 99.8%. 3. Automatic production line, saving labor, only one or two people are enough to operate the machine. 4. The production line is widely used. 5. The production line is easy to install, there are various assembly methods, which can be adapted to different places. The aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is well-designed and uses physical separation technology. The crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separator, aluminum-plastic mill and other equipment technologies in the supporting equipment can realize the treatment of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures. Considering the large area occupied by various waste aluminum-plastics, it takes a lot of manpower and material to deal with. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is first crushed and then finely crushed, and then subjected to magnetic separation and iron removal, and then enters the grinding and grinding, and the powdery aluminum-plastic mixture material enters the electrostatic separation equipment for separation. During the separation process, a dust removal device collects the dust , Which has also solved the pollution problem.

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