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Production profit of waste circuit board recycling equipment

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Let ’s talk about how to calculate the cost of waste circuit board recycling equipment today. The recovery of 1 ton of waste circuit boards is about 6000 RMB. According to the difference in each region, the price will be different. So how is the profit of recycling 1 ton of waste circuit boards How about it?

waste circuit board recycling equipment
waste circuit board recycling equipment

Let's analyze the cost of processing 1 ton of waste circuit board input: 1. Recycling waste circuit board: 1 (ton) * 6000 (RMB / ton) = 6000 RMB; 2. Power consumption: 72kw / h * 8h * 1 (RMB / Degree) = 567 RMB; 3. Workers: 2 people * 150 RMB / day = 300 RMB Total input cost: 6000 RMB + 567 RMB + 300 RMB = 6867 RMB. Revenue from processing 1 ton of waste circuit boards: (18% of metal in ordinary circuit boards and 82% of resins; metal selling price is 50,000 RMB / ton, resin powder selling price is 1,000 RMB / ton) 1. Metal: 1T * 18% * 50000 RMB / ton = 9000 RMB; 2. Resin: 1T * 82% * 1000 RMB / ton = 820 RMB; total income: 9000 RMB + 820 RMB = 9820 RMB; is this income considerable?

At present, the profit of processing waste circuit boards through circuit board recycling equipment is very large. The circuit board recycling equipment replaces the traditional chemical solvent separation method of metal. During the separation process, some metal and nonmetal elements will not be taken away by the water flow, reducing A loss of resources. The circuit board usually contains 30% plastic, 30% inert oxide and 40% metal. The main direction of waste circuit board recycling is metal recycling. The metal contains about 20% copper, 8% iron, 2 Common metals such as% nickel, 4% tin, 2% zinc, and about 0.1% gold, 0.2% silver, 0.005% palladium and other precious metals. The recycling price of waste circuit boards varies according to the structure, generally ranging from 2000-18000 RMB. Circuit board recycling equipment can recycle the metal and scrap metal inside, and both of them can be sold to make money.

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