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The new Cable Wire Recycling Machine reconstructed reshaping blade has a long service life

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The new Cable Wire Recycling Machine has been optimized and designed to produce a new generation of products. This machine has greatly increased the production of copper rice, solved the problem of the wear of the crusher blades, greatly improved the service life of the blades, and realized the rotary cutting. The breakthrough in the technology of crushing waste electrical wires has truly achieved the result with less effort.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

At present, most of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine blades are forged steel, which has fast wear and short service time, which increases the user's production cost. The researchers have successfully developed a new type of wear-resistant low-alloy silicon steel blade through many experimental studies.

The hardness of the existing forged steel blades is tested. The body structure of the working part is martensite and a small amount of residual austenite. This makes the blades prone to wear and reduce under the harsh rotary cutting impact waste wire working conditions. In order to improve its service life, it is necessary to improve the wear resistance and impact resistance of the material.

According to the preliminary test, the chemical composition of the silicon alloy blade is redesigned, and then the forging process is determined, including the smelting process and the molding process; the heat treatment process of the blade is: brine quenching of the blade working part + overall air quenching + low temperature tempering stage Composite heat treatment process. This silicon alloy steel blade has been verified by production practice, and its impact resistance and wear resistance have been greatly improved, and the service life of the blade has been greatly extended. Therefore, the development of silicon alloy blades is a very valuable and worthy promotion.

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