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What are the steps to make a mask with a mask machine?

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The SUNYGROUP manufacturer is a non-woven deep processing machinery manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. For a variety of mask machines and semi-automated equipment and fully automated equipment, are the operation steps too complicated? What are the production steps of masks?

1.Inner layer mask is formed, and the shape of the mask is formed by hot pressing of the shaped cotton;

2. The outer mask is formed, and it can be made into a sheet mask by using non-woven fabric, melt-blown cloth, activated carbon non-woven fabric and other materials;

3. Multi-face mask pressing, the inner and outer face masks are pressed together, usually three to five face masks are formed;

4. Trim, trim the excess edges of the pressed mask, leaving the full mask shape;

5. Nasal line fit, the mask uses the nose line to adjust the wearing position, you can use aluminum strips, rubber strips and other fixed materials;

6. Welding of ear bands. Weld the ear bands to the two ends of the mask. There are many kinds of materials for the ear bands, and one or two can be welded.

The above are the steps for the production of masks by the mask machine. In fact, the operation is relatively simple. It can be started by direct feeding, but the machine should remember to perform regular maintenance and maintenance, and the mask production can be perfectly solved.

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