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What is the principle of aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment?

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Waste aluminum and plastic wastes such as aluminum-plastic plates, waste aluminum-plastics, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste bags, Wahaha bottle caps, aluminum-plastic plate scraps, etc. that are commonly used in daily life can be treated with equipment. A device called an aluminum-plastic separator can pulverize these materials, separate aluminum and plastic, and metal can be quickly recovered. Our company's production of aluminum-plastic separators has a good sales volume and has been well received by many old customers. The aluminum-plastic separator uses simple equipment and uses "pure physical method" to successfully separate aluminum and plastic, which not only protects the environment, but also produces considerable economic benefits.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line
Aluminum-plastic recycling line

The aluminum-plastic separator first puts the aluminum-plastic mixed product into a pulverizer for mechanical pulverization, so that it becomes a mechanical mixture of aluminum particles and crumbs; then the mixture is put into a screening device, and after screening by a sieve, larger crumbs pass through However, the sieve holes, and most of the aluminum particles and smaller scraps of paper fall through the sieve holes; during the fall process, the aluminum particles and debris are separated by air separation and electrostatic separation, thereby completing the aluminum and plastic Separation. The whole separation process of aluminum-plastic separator is advanced and reasonable, and the recycling rate is high, which plays a positive role in the development of secondary aluminum enterprises. In this way, the recovery procedure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the cost is low. The structure is simple, easy to operate and maintain, is conducive to environmental protection, does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits after promotion. Through the recycling technology of waste aluminum-plastic packaging, the waste aluminum-plastic packaging that is not easy to recycle can separate the plastic and produce aluminum, and the benefits are obvious.

The plan of the aluminum-plastic separator production line needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the user. Different customers have different needs, such as different scales, different production capabilities, and different requirements for finished products. It's different, so we should consult our technicians more, mainly depending on the requirements of the user's processing material hardness, finished product granularity requirements, how much production capacity per hour and other requirements. Different demand configuration schemes are different, and different prices are different.

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