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What are the advantages of metal crushers

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The metal shredder is also called a double-shaft shredder, which is mainly a machine composed of a shredding blade group, a carrying box, a box support, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. Shred objects such as metal buckets, refrigerators, automobiles, waste steel, wood, etc. provide reliable quality equipment for the early stage of waste recycling and volume reduction in China. Metal shredders are widely used in recycling equipment. What are the advantages of dual-shaft shredders?

1. High crushing power, long service life and high shredding efficiency.

2.The twin-shaft shredder is a fully automated device, with comprehensive functions, convenient and fast.

3. It is driven by a geared motor, which saves time and energy, and has strong power.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and dust that can meet environmental protection standards.

5, easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable, pollution-free, uniform discharge.

6. The blade is sturdy and wear-resistant, and the blade arrangement and biting method is designed to be metal.

The twin-shaft shredder can be based on different materials and the types of blades. Our factory's blades are divided into: one-jaw, two-jaw, four-jaw and multi-jaw blade, the thickness ranges from 10mm-80mm. Design single or multi-jaw and different thickness blades according to customers' materials and requirements. The blade installation forms can be divided into: overall installation and detachable installation props (removable blades are recommended for models above XD1000 to facilitate later blade replacement).

For example: 10 mm and 20 mm thick blades are suitable for fragile materials such as medical packaging and circuit boards. 40 mm and 50 mm thick blades are widely used in various materials, such as tires, plastic products, wooden pallets, films, etc.

Note for twin shaft shredder:

1. After the dual-shaft shredder is turned on, it must be idling for 2 minutes before working. The pre-rotation operation can improve the working state and the life of the shredder. This aspect is most easily ignored by us.

2. After the dual-shaft shredder is turned on, if the shredder has abnormal knocking sounds, the rotation should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be checked and eliminated, and then restarted.

3. The twin-shaft shredder should be started at no load, and then open the feeding after the operation is normal. It should be added gradually when feeding. Do not add too much at one time until the top is stopped.

4. When working, you should pay attention to the machine at any time. You can check the overall condition of the machine and the temperature of the bearing by looking, listening, and touching. The temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees. When the temperature is found to be too high, do not immediately turn off the machine and increase the oil Measures, forced ventilation, water cooling, etc., after the bearing temperature drops, then turn off the machine to view the fault, repair the fault.

5. The dual-shaft shredder should wait until the material is completely discharged before shutting down the machine.

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