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What are the functions of disposable mask packaging machine

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Disposable mask packaging machine is suitable for packing medical bag masks, packaging disposable masks, medical masks, activated carbon masks, N95 masks, single-piece packaging, multi-piece packaging, the machine's sealing form is back-sealing.

Basically, the bag masks we commonly use can be packed with this machine. The machine can be packaged individually, or multiple masks can be stacked together for packaging. The form of the bag is zigzag and easy to tear, which basically conforms to the mask packaging methods commonly used in the market.

mask packaging machine

The mask packaging machine is a back-end packaging machine, which is specially used for packaging disposable masks, medical masks, and non-woven masks. It is suitable for automatic packaging of single or multi-piece masks, 30-100 bags per minute, high efficiency, The function adjustment and technology upgrade are very convenient.

The servo packaging machine uses a servo motor and controller. The equipment has good stability, low noise of the packaging machine, fast packaging speed, higher yield and beautiful appearance.

The working process of the machine: The operator manually stacks single-piece masks or multiple pieces of masks together and puts them into the conveyor belt of the packaging machine.

The masks are sent to the packaging machine through the conveyor belt for packaging. The finished product output and other links complete the packaging process, which is easy to operate and multi-purpose for one machine.

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