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Selection precautions of mask machine

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The mask machine is mainly selected according to the standard and type of mask used. If the manufacturer supplies medical disposable masks, it is more appropriate to choose a flat mask machine. If the daily use of various types of masks can choose stereo masks These are the basic knowledge of selecting masks. The selection of mask manufacturers cannot be ignored. These are the links to product quality and sales in the future.

The production of other mask machine manufacturers is also more important. The well-known manufacturers are more expensive than some manufacturers, but the quality is more guaranteed, the after-sales service of the major well-known manufacturers is more complete, and the machine has a longer service life.

Everything has a useful life, and reasonable maintenance can effectively improve the useful life and increase the output power.

mask machine
mask machine

Product features of mask machine:

1. It adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rust.

2. Computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise.

3. It adopts servo motor imported from Taiwan and driven by stepping motor with high precision.

4, photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.

5. This device can supply 2-3 sets of inner ear straps or outer ear straps.

6. The machine adopts pulleys and fixed feet, which is convenient and fast to move, strong in stability, and does not shake.

7. This model is equipped with a new conveyor belt, which automatically collects products with high accuracy, and only needs to be sorted and packed.

8. The equipment can be modified according to product requirements, product size, length and thickness.

9. Different earband machines can be configured according to different production orders, which is economical and practical, and completely solves the major problems of customer capital cost + floor space + staffing, which really brings rich economic benefits to customers.

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