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What are the advantages of e-waste recycling equipment?

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With the acceleration of the update speed of electronic products, the number of discarded printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are the main components of electronic waste, is also increasing. Environmental pollution caused by waste PCBs has also caused concern in various countries. On the waste circuit board, it contains nearly 20 kinds of non-ferrous metals and rare metals, which has a high recycling value and economic value, and is a real mineral deposit waiting to be mined.

SUNY GROUP's circuit board crushing and recycling equipment achieves automatic disassembly and separation of electronic waste through intelligent processes such as crushing, separation, sorting, and dust removal, which not only achieves effective crushing, but also greatly improves the efficiency of subsequent resource reuse operations. A critically acclaimed e-waste crushing solution.

waste PCBs
waste PCBs

The method adopted for the waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is physical crushing and low environmental pollution. After physical and mechanical processing, including crushing and sorting. The waste circuit board is initially crushed by the coarse crusher, and then crushed by the fine crusher, and then sorted by the magnetic separator to separate the ferromagnetic materials. After that, the electrostatic separation is used to achieve the separation accuracy. Secondary pollution.

Advantages of waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment production line:

(1) Integral frame, forged with wear-resistant sheet, can resist high torque

(2) Designing an overload protection system to protect the blade and knife shaft

(3) GEP professional intelligent dust reduction system, energy saving and environmental protection

(4) Imported reducer and bearing, high transmission efficiency and high output torque

(5) Design shock absorption device, stable operation and low noise

(6) Intelligent terminal control, high degree of automation and easy operation

 waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment
 waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment 

SUNY GROUP's old circuit board crushing and recycling equipment production line is a smart solid waste crushing equipment specially designed for electronic waste materials. It has passed European CE certification. The moving knife is made of high-wear-resistant alloy steel imported from Europe. Features such as abrasion resistance and high strength.

The main shaft of the equipment is made of special material. After repeated heat treatment and high-precision processing, it has good mechanical strength, strong resistance to fatigue and impact, and long service life. In addition, the intelligent electronic waste crushing equipment adopts GEP intelligent technology to realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, and abnormal alarm. The intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects is designed to reduce maintenance costs and failure risks and ensure the long-term healthy operation of the equipment.

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