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Three common sorting methods of cable wire recycling machine

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With the progress and development of society, the elimination of waste household appliances is increasing. Chinese government has promoted the dismantling projects of waste household appliances. During the disassembling, large quantity of waste cables and wires will be generated. The effective separation of metal (copper) and non-metal (plastic skin) has always been a top priority in the later stage of the appliance recovery. At present, there are three main separation methods for copper and plastic from waste cable wires: water separation, air separation, and electrostatic separation.

Water separation
Water separation

Water separation is an original separation method. Although the equipment is comparatively inexpensive, the metal recovery rate is low, and the water pollution is very serious. The lost ratio of copper granules will be a little high, that is to say, the metal recovery rate cannot be guaranteed.

Air separation
Air separation 

Air separation is the most common-used separation method in today’s cable recycling industry. The principle of air separation is based on the difference of material gravity. You only need to adjust the air volume of the fan to separate the metal an non-metal, which is more environmentally friendly than water separation. However, the air volume needs to be adjusted based on different materials, so it is difficult to guarantee metal recovery for those very thin wires.

Electrostatic separation
Electrostatic separation

Electrostatic separation is an effective and environmentally friendly method for recycling various types of waste cables and wires. If your air separator is equipped with an electrostatic separator, it can effectively separate the copper metal and a variety of mixed plastics. The separation accuracy is more than 99%, which is not only labor-saving, but will maximize your economic benefit.Through the above comparison and technology introduction, I believe you are very clear about the separation method for copper wire recycling. As for which separation method to choose, you can make a decision now!

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