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How much is the broken bridge aluminum separation and recovery equipment

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Broken bridge aluminum can be said to be very common in our daily life. For example, our aluminum and gold doors and windows are now mostly used for broken bridge aluminum, which has the advantage of heat insulation and stability. The main material of broken bridge aluminum is still aluminum. It is composed of two layers of aluminum, with plastic in the middle as a material to cut off heat. It is widely used because of its outstanding heat insulation, stability, and ageing resistance.

However, when it is widely used, it will generate a large amount of waste scraps and waste bridge aluminum materials. If these materials are directly thrown away or sold to recycling stations, the price will be very low and not cost-effective, so these waste aluminum materials can be broken. Aluminum is recycled and reused, among which the broken bridge aluminum sorting production line will be used.

aluminum separation and recovery equipment
aluminum separation and recovery equipment

The broken bridge aluminum sorting machine is also a kind of aluminum-plastic separator. At its core, it separates aluminum and plastic, and then obtains pure aluminum. The selling price of aluminum alone is definitely higher. As for the price, the choice of the broken bridge aluminum separator needs to be based on its own needs and how much it needs to handle in a day. In addition, it has a close relationship with the output, model, configuration, etc. of the entire set of equipment. When you choose, you must combine your actual situation and choose the one that suits you. In addition, you need to actually go to the manufacturer to test the machine to see the effect. The sorting rate can generally reach 99% and above. The cleaner the sorting, the higher the value of recycling.

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