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How to debug copper wire recycling machine

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Before starting the copper wire recycling machine equipment, you should check the various moving parts of the machine to prevent objects from falling on the moving parts during transportation. Before inspection, turn off the power and turn each moving part by hand, and pay attention to whether there is a stall phenomenon. If a stall occurs, check the cause in time. Check whether the bolts of the main parts of the copper wire recycling machine are loose during transportation. If they are found loose, they should be tightened immediately. Fully inspect the copper wire recycling machine equipment and confirm that there are no problems before turning on the power. Turn on a single machine after power-on. Pay attention to whether the motor's rotation is consistent with the marked rotation. If there is an inconsistency, cut off the power supply in time to adjust the wiring sequence. All motors can be started online after they are in the same direction as the logo.

copper wire recycling machine
copper wire recycling machine

The copper wire recycling machine equipment should be turned on in the order from the end of the discharge to the feeding position, that is: start the pump-dust removal fan after startup-dust removal fan before startup-shock screen after startup-screen before startup-blower under startup-start vibration Selecting the motor-starting the feeding conveyor-starting the crusher The copper rice mill equipment should be shut down in the order from the feeding position to the tail of the discharge, that is: turn off the crusher-turn off the feeding conveyor-turn off the vibration sorting motor-turn off Blowing fan-Dust removal fan before closing-Dust removal fan after closing The internal material should be handled as clean as possible, otherwise the load of the crusher motor will be increased when restarting, and the excessive load of the crusher may even cause the motor to be overloaded and damaged. copper wire recycling machine equipment is strictly prohibited to start with heavy load.

It is more worth noting that the copper wire recycling machine equipment should be idle for 20-30 minutes before starting online. Pay attention to observe the operation of each machine and observe whether the belt of the feeding conveyor has runaway. All the machines run without any abnormality before being commissioned. Check the raw materials before feeding. There must be no metal objects other than copper and aluminum in the raw materials, and the volume of the copper and aluminum materials must not be greater than 0.3cm3 to avoid damage to the tool.

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