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Waste tire rubber powder|pellet processing equipment

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The output of waste tire processing equipment is first determined according to the difference between the processed material rubber particles and rubber powder. The output of general waste tire processing equipment is 500kg / h, which covers an area of ​​200-300 square meters, which is the waste tire that is treated at the time. The processing capacity of rubber tires was 500 kg at that time. Regarding the material production process of waste tire processing equipment and the price of waste tire processing equipment, according to the impact of cost, market relations and policies, multiple aspects can be considered for investment and production. Among the complete waste tire processing production lines, there are the following Six o'clock.

waste tire processing equipment

1. Guarantee of safety and reliability

All electrical and gas components are imported and brand-name products. Each single machine in the entire production line is controlled by PLC. Safety detection devices are installed in each part to ensure the continuous coordination and normal operation of the single machine and the entire line during the operation. Fully consider the fault protection device of the whole line and single machine. Superior design and sophisticated manufacturing ensure reliable operation of the entire line of equipment.

2. Degree of automation

The entire production line adopts automatic operation design, with a high degree of automation. Except for manual operations (such as tire drawing), the entire line is in an automatic working state, especially for the separation of fibers and particles, and the colloidal powder treatment reduces secondary pollution.

3. Equipment operating costs

Optimized technology and design are adopted to reduce production and operation costs to the greatest extent while ensuring product quality.


For different customers with different characteristics of the site itself, our company's equipment products have great adaptability and randomness, and can be appropriately adjusted and installed with different complicated sites.

5.Operating performance

The operating instructions adopt an advanced automated operating system. Show full control over vulnerable parts and other maintenance issues.

6. The entire waste tire processing equipment is designed in a stable and reliable manner, in addition to the simplicity of operation and maintenance, the production logistics route is also fully considered, and the investment cost of other parts of the entire process is reduced.

The above is the description of the waste tire processing equipment at 6 o'clock. As a professional tire recycling equipment and waste tire rubber powder equipment manufacturer, our company wholeheartedly provides you with a professional waste tire recycling production line. About the production process of waste tire processing equipment, Completed by automated processes, and achieve environmental protection benefits.

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