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What aspects need to be paid attention to during the use of copper wire recycling machine equipment?

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After scrapped, automobile circuit wires, motorcycle wires, and battery car wires are copper core wires. Our previous recovery methods were incineration to extract copper, but now many are promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. It is obviously not desirable to reuse incineration to extract copper. Not only waste resources, but also produce a large amount of air pollution, and the appearance of copper wires taken out after incineration is not good. How can we effectively reuse used wires? We have a dedicated technical team to make this equipment.

Copper meter machine is a kind of environmental protection machinery and equipment for environmental protection and renewable energy. Copper meter machine mainly uses unusable resources such as waste wire, fiber optic cable, automobile wire, electric vehicle wire, demolition wire and other earphone wires, data wires, thin wires High-purity bright copper and wire skin are separated by crushing. The advantages of this copper wire recycling machine are high efficiency, high profit and environmental protection. Separation is not only the investment benefit of copper wire recycling machines. At the same time, because copper wire recycling machines are environmentally friendly equipment, some experts predict that when using copper wire recycling machines, we need to clean them regularly to clean up the screen blockage.

copper wire recycling machine

The copper wire recycling machine equipment uses a three-in-one dust removal device independently developed by our company. This dust removal device has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution. Dry crushing and pulverization, the raw materials such as waste cables and wires are crushed and pulverized to become a non-metal mixture such as metal and plastic, and then the process route of separating metal and non-metal such as plastic through separation. Sorting efficiency is high and operation is simple.

The copper rice grains processed by the copper wire recycling machine can better enter the market. The physical separation of the copper wire recycling machine, the copper wire recycling machine for the environmental pollution of small wires, copper wire recycling machine is a waste wire and cable processing equipment, is the waste wire and cable first After crushing, the powder and metal are separated by air flow and specific gravity. After the dust is collected, the copper and plastic can be completely separated to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization. In addition, there is no dust overflow during the process and no Cause secondary pollution. The copper wire recycling machine is capable of processing all kinds of waste electric wires with a diameter between 5-20mm, such as electric roads, cables, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, and earphone wires.

When the copper wire recycling machine is not in use, it is necessary to clean up the remaining waste wire materials inside the equipment to prevent these materials from causing pollution and corrosion to the copper wire recycling machine itself. Method for rust removal of copper wire recycling machine: physical rust removal method can be used for rust removal and maintenance of copper wire recycling machine. This method is popularly used to polish the rust on the surface of copper wire recycling machine. Without scientific and effective treatment, it will affect the working efficiency of copper wire recycling machines, the quality of production in the future, and the sorting rate will be reduced due to the impact.

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