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Automatic dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and environmen

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Shredders are used at the first level of small-scale Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment. In addition, the dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine is hot-selling. In addition to environmental protection factors, its own advantages have also promoted its hot-selling. After washing with water, the waste wire and cable are processed by wet Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment, regardless of whether it is wire or copper, it is wet and needs to be dried in time, or the sales price will be discounted if the copper is oxidized. The dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine does not need water when sorting copper and wire, so the separated materials are dry and can be sold directly. The simple process of dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine greatly saves labor. Nowadays, the labor cost is constantly increasing, which is also an important factor for everyone to consider when choosing Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The working principle of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is as follows: the waste wires and cables are put into the crusher for one time crushing to make the material about 3cm in size, and then the iron metal is lifted out by the magnetic separator, and the remaining material enters the second crusher and is sheared into powder After crushing, the plastic and copper are first obtained by an air flow sorter, and the unseparated plastic and copper are completely separated by a secondary sorting by an electrostatic separator. The dust generated during the sorting is absorbed and purified by the pulse bag type dust collector to ensure that there is no secondary pollution. The resulting copper was shaped like rice grains, and the name of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine was born. We can find that the dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine uses all physical methods when handling waste wires and cables, so the pollution to the environment is almost zero, and the dust generated during the crushing process can also be removed by various types of dust collectors.

A crusher without a lower cover can effectively improve the work efficiency. When buying a Cable Wire Recycling Machine, please consider whether you need a feeding conveyor. Conducive to the machining effect of copper rice. In one case, the diameter of the waste wire is thin. When the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is not cleaned properly, the Cable Wire Recycling Machine can process various waste wires (communication, computer, telephone lines, etc.) to obtain higher purity copper. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is currently an excellent equipment for recycling used wires. It is known for its high efficiency, clean environmental protection and high sorting rate.

Working principle of Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Under the influence of the coexistence of automated production and environmental protection, and the development of production direction, the development of environmentally friendly dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment produced under the leadership of technology is different. Different, if you need a larger output, you can consider adding a shredder in front of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine, and increase the number of copper rice integrated machines. Whether the raw materials to be processed are complex. If the raw materials are not a single wire, it involves the processing process, and it may be necessary to replace the screen and the operation of the air separator screen.

Fully automatic intelligent production technology makes the operation of dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment easier. At present, the development of the national industry and manufacturing industry is based on the premise of environmental protection. Therefore, the development of environmental protection machinery and equipment industry is still on the rising path. In a complex market environment, in the face of a highly competitive market structure, our manufacturers actively seek new environmental protection recycling methods and innovative development. The quality of our production equipment is excellent, customers trust, and our own technology is leading the industry.

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