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It is very important to select the equipment of the used tire crushing rubber machine

2022-04-23 15:12:03

Used tire crushing rubber machine equipment is a common production line layout scheme, and crusher technology is an important link in the production of crushed used tire materials. The selection of equipment is particularly important. When choosing a tire crusher, it is necessary to understand the structure of various equipment , specifications, materials, etc.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

The pulverizer for processing used tire crushing rubber machine equipment is mainly based on automated production lines, the development and manufacturing plan of Hengde tire processing equipment, and the process of Hengde waste tire processing equipment is mainly based on the crushing, decomposition and separation system of physical recycling, which is green and environmentally friendly. Low carbon, high degree of automation, high purity of steel wire separation and the advantages of intelligent tire crushing system, according to the processing requirements of waste tire rubber products, Hengde provides related used tire crushing equipment, waste tire processing equipment technical scheme planning, site planning, Equipment upgrade planning and other services.

The tire processing equipment material rubber or tire material separation and collection device consists of four parts: transmission part, crushing part, separation part, and dust removal part. The crushing part consists of primary crushing equipment, secondary crushing equipment, tertiary particle processing or rubber powder processing as the main stand-alone equipment. SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides the service of visiting and testing the production line of waste tire processing equipment and technical solutions for site planning.

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