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What is the working principle of aluminum-plastic separation equipment?

2022-04-14 15:40:45

The recycling of waste aluminum-plastic products is an environmental protection project for resource reuse. The aluminum-plastic separator adopts physical methods, which are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and can completely and quickly separate waste aluminum-plastic products. The working efficiency is high, the working environment is improved, the labor cost is saved, and the three-in-one dust removal device prevents the dust pollution generated during the treatment process.

principle of aluminum-plastic separation equipment

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment can be simply divided into two major steps: crushing and sorting; crushing, using shearing, impact, extrusion, friction and low temperature, etc., to physically decompose the aluminum-plastic products. Sorting, that is, according to the differences in physical properties, density and electromagnetic properties of different materials, using the method of electrical sorting to sort the fragments. The mechanical crushing electrostatic separation process of aluminum-plastic separation equipment has low energy consumption and high efficiency, and the separation process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

A large number of aluminum-plastic products are discarded every year, and these discarded aluminum-plastic products contain aluminum and plastic. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment adopts a new model, and the recycling and reprocessing of waste aluminum-plastic products has become an environmentally friendly investment. The aluminum plastic separator is very good for recycling aluminum and plastics. Recycling is the key point in the process of green development. To promote the comprehensive recycling of resources, the professional equipment of aluminum-plastic separation equipment for processing waste aluminum-plastic is a good channel for correct disposal of waste aluminum-plastic products.

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