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How to recycle new energy vehicle power battery?

2022-04-19 15:15:28

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the number of discarded power lithium batteries is increasing year by year. So how can these discarded lithium batteries be recycled?

Although the power lithium battery that was discarded first cannot be used in vehicles with high requirements, it can still be used in some other products that have general or lower battery performance requirements, such as low-speed vehicles or energy storage equipment. Lithium batteries that have been completely scrapped after the cascade utilization can be broken, separated and recycled through the relevant lithium battery recycling production lines. The specific recycling process is as follows:

Lithium battery recycling equipment production workshop

After the lithium battery is discharged, it is put into the crusher for crushing. The crushed materials are comprehensively sorted to separate the magnetic materials, iron and nickel, plastic films, heavy metals, polar plastics and positive and negative plates for air selection and screening, and finally the metal particles are separated. It is separated from the polar powder, and the copper and aluminum are separated by screening and specific gravity sorting.

This process adopts the physical sorting method. The new energy vehicle power battery can be recycled into plastic case, stainless steel, copper pellets, aluminum pellets, plastic film, positive and negative electrode powder, plastics, etc. At the same time, it can also play a very good economic value.

Advantages of power battery recycling and crushing cracking process:

1. There is no need for inert gas protection when the power generation lithium battery is broken, reducing production investment;

2. The equipment sealing requirements are low, and there is no need to isolate oxygen when entering and exiting materials and crushing;

3. After separation, all kinds of materials will not generate heat and discharge, and the positive and negative powders can be stored and transported without cracking.

Because lithium is a non-renewable resource and is widely used, its reserves on earth are low and unevenly distributed, and lithium-ion batteries show excellent performance in the same type, so it is really necessary to recycle and reuse new energy vehicle power batteries. . As a professional manufacturer of lithium battery recycling equipment, SUNY GROUP has mature experience and equipment in lithium battery recycling, and can customize production according to customer needs. If you have questions or questions about lithium battery recycling, please feel free to contact us at any time. Contact us for a consultation.

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