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What can you get from scrap tires through recycling?

2022-03-08 16:04:35

1. Steel wire: The steel wire extracted from waste tires can be directly sent to the steel plant for recycling, and general waste tires are divided into two categories: large steel wire tires and small steel wire tires.

Large steel wire tires - commonly found in large freight trucks, the wool and bead steel wires are extracted through equipment for recycling, and the rubber itself can be ground into rubber powder and made into reclaimed rubber. Small steel wire tires - the same as large tires, can pull out part of the steel wire, but the rubber of small tires has a relatively simple use, and is often used to grind powder to make waterproof materials.

Ring steel wire

In addition, in addition to directly selling the extracted waste tire wire, it can also be reprocessed into steel wire cutting pellets. This processing is more laborious, so the profit is also relatively large, and the price is doubled compared to selling the steel wire directly. After processing, the steel wire cut shot is mainly used in shipyards, grinding equipment to remove rust, etc.

2. Rubber powder granules: It can also be made into rubber powder and granules through the waste tire crushing and recycling production line. The size can be customized according to your own needs, and it can be mainly used for the manufacture of breathable plastic runways. Running tracks in our campuses and parks around us are made of this material.

rubber powder

Therefore, scrap tires can be completely recycled and reused through special recycling and processing equipment. On the one hand, scrap tires can be reused, and on the other hand, the problem of pollution of scrap tires is also solved.

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