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Aluminum composite panel scrap reprocessing unit

2022-03-07 15:59:18

Although aluminum-plastic waste (medicine board, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum-plastic film, food packaging bag, aluminum-plastic product scraps) has no effect by itself, the processed aluminum particles and plastics will produce huge economic benefits.

The aluminum-plastic separator can separate various types of conductors and non-conductors, and metals and non-metals. It is mainly used for waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), various medicine boards, aluminum-plastic boards, food packaging bags, and milk bags. , toothpaste skin, Wahaha bottle cap, aluminum plastic tube, aluminum platinum paper, metal beneficiation, etc., the separation effect is very obvious.

Aluminum composite panel scrap reprocessing unit

These aluminum-plastic wastes go through crushing equipment, grinding equipment and electrostatic separation equipment. The core principle of aluminum-plastic separation is to use a crusher to crush the aluminum-plastic raw materials into one centimeter in size. The crushed materials are automatically fed to the grinding equipment, and the aluminum The plastic raw materials are ground, the aluminum and plastic are ground and separated, and the aluminum and plastic are completely separated through the elevator facility to the high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment. The dust generated during the separation of aluminum and plastic is collected by the induced draft fan, and the collector Collection and discharge, the air purification facility purifies the smoke and dust generated in the production process, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

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