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Waste tire recycling and waste tire processing equipment

2022-01-28 12:05:42

When it comes to waste tire treatment, the first thing that comes to your mind is waste tire treatment equipment. In fact, in addition to waste tire treatment equipment, there are also some ways to deal with waste tires. Let's take the editor to learn about the relevant knowledge of waste tire treatment and waste tire treatment equipment.

Because the tires are of an open structure, stacked tires are prone to fire due to arson or other unexpected reasons, such as lightning. Air

The recycling of waste tires can not only alleviate the shortage of rubber resources in my country, save a lot of money for economic construction, but also reduce "black pollution" and become a breakthrough in the development of circular economy in my country, which is of great significance for developing circular economy and establishing a conservation-oriented society. major.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

What are waste tires

Scrap tires refer to tires that have been replaced or obsolete, that have lost their status as tires and factory-produced waste tires. But it should be noted that "waste" is two different concepts. Waste tires refer to tires that can no longer be retreaded; old tires refer to tires whose carcasses are intact and can be used after retreading.

In recent years, with the development of my country's automobile industry, about 100 million tons of waste tires are produced every year, but the recycling amount is only about 10%, which is far lower than that of developed countries.

Scrap tires are wastes that take up a lot of environmental space and are difficult to compress, collect, and remove. Due to the uncertainty of the decomposition time of old tires, there is no biodegradability. Contains harmful elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals. Improper handling and management of tires can be dangerous to health and the environment.

In addition, the structure, durability and heat retention capabilities of tires are potential threats to the environment. Uncontrolled tire disposal, whether in open fields or in waterways, increases environmental risks.

Waste tire recycling method

1. Tire hawkers go to tire repair shops, scrap stations, drivers, etc. to recycle all kinds of waste tires.

2. The upstream merchants process the tires into usable tires and sell them back to the tire repair shop or the driver.

3. Upstream merchants (waste tire processors, including: segmentation: crushing, powdering, oil refining) process tires and then sell them to higher-level merchants. Original address:

4. The upper-level merchants will further process the processed goods and then sell them.

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