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Application of waste circuit board crushing, sorting and recycling equipment

2022-01-27 16:14:42

The circuit board recycling metal equipment uses the physical crushing and sorting method. This sorting method adopts the physical dry recycling process. The circuit board enters the first crushing device after detinning, and the crushed material enters the second crushing system through magnetic separation. After the secondary crushing, the particle size is less than 3mm, so that the metal and non-metal of the circuit board are separated, and the non-metallic powder is drawn out after the secondary crushed material enters the negative pressure device. Heavier materials enter the specific gravity separation system to separate metals such as copper and aluminum.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

The separated metal contains a small amount of particles including a small amount of metal, and then through the third crushing, the particle size of the material is broken to less than 2mm, and the crushed material is electrically separated to separate the metal from the non-metal. The generated waste gas is discharged up to the standard after cooling, dust collection, and zeolite activated carbon adsorption treatment. After the above process, the circuit board is divided into tin, ferromagnetic, fine powder, metal, and non-metal particles. The process is fully automated from feeding to the end of sorting, and the complete set of equipment does not require water, heating, incineration of chemical raw materials, and fire. It is an environmentally friendly recycling project advocated by the country. Low, high efficiency, dry separation at room temperature without any pollution. The metal sorting rate reaches about 99%, which is a new technological process to solve the pollution method.

For the production line of circuit board dismantling and recycling equipment, the most important thing is the high-voltage electrostatic sorting process, but it is not only the internal factors of the system that affect the electrostatic sorting process of circuit board recycling equipment, but also many external factors have a key impact on the system , such as the particle size of the material, and the degree of dryness and wetness of the material.

For waste circuit board recycling equipment circuit board recycling equipment, the ideal crushing particle size of the material can not only ensure the dissociation of metal and non-metallic substances, but also help to improve the sorting efficiency and stability of the entire production line. If the crushing particle size is too large, the dissociation of metals and non-metals will not be achieved.

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