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Circuit board recycling equipment physical method to recover copper and resin powder

2022-02-06 10:18:05

What is circuit board recycling equipment? Circuit board recycling equipment is an environmental protection equipment for processing waste electronic waste, solid waste, waste circuit boards, waste copper clad laminates and other electronic waste recycling equipment, and a complete set of equipment for waste circuit boards and circuit boards. Material method Environmental protection technology is the development trend of e-waste waste treatment.

The SUNY GROUP environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment process adopts dry physical crushing and sorting. Complete dry separation system; its technology is advanced, and no new problems are generated in the production process, such as pollution to the environment. There is no waste gas and sewage, and no noise pollution. The main core equipment adopts noise shielding room. The production noise in the workshop meets the safety production standards, and the dust passes through the filtration system to meet the environmental protection standards, safety protection and other process designs.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit board recycling equipment The primary crusher uses two-roller or three-roller electrostatic and shearing crushing methods to cut large pieces of waste circuit boards. The crushing process adopts the method of rotary shearing and hammering mixed crushing for secondary crushing of materials of a certain size. To ensure whether the crushed particle size meets the process requirements, it is equipped with a variety of vibrating feeders suitable for uniform feeding of thin layers of different materials.

Density screening process of circuit board recycling equipment: In the case of the same material particle size, the materials with different densities in the mixture can be sorted out through the vibration and air separation process. The sorting is carried out in a closed cavity, so the environmental pollution is small, and the technology is mature and the sorting effect is good.

Circuit board recycling equipment crushing process: The crusher crushes materials with a particle size of about 5mm into fine particles of about 2mm in order to separate the multi-layer machine board from the pot, in order to effectively remove the colored waste in the waste circuit board. Metal copper is sorted out to lay a good foundation for the early stage. The process is similar to that of the third stage crusher, but its screen is finer. The number and durability of moving knives and static knives are better than that of secondary crushers; waste cables are dismantled and separated.

Separation technology of circuit board recycling equipment: Magnetic separation, density separation and electrostatic separation technology are adopted. Greatly improve the recycling rate; in order to reduce noise, special design should be adopted at the guard plate and interface of the crushing equipment, and shock-absorbing materials should be installed; for cooling and dust removal, air jets should be set on the blanking side of the two-pole crushing equipment. The cavity is provided with an air outlet to loosen the material for crushing, cooling and dust removal. The addition of dust removal equipment can effectively collect the powder of poultry precious metals, and at the same time, it is environmentally friendly.

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