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Brief introduction of aluminum-plastic separation technology

2022-02-08 15:35:50

Aluminum-plastic separation technology (lvsufenlijishu; English: Aluminum separation;) refers to equipment that completely separates aluminum-plastic composite materials into aluminum and plastic. Complete dry physical separation, no secondary environmental pollution, and good social and economic benefits. .

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, aluminum-plastic technology and products are changing with each passing day, and more and more aluminum-plastic products have been widely used in various fields of people's lives (such as food factories, cigarette factories, pharmaceutical factories, modern decorative materials, chemical product packaging in many industries), which brings convenience to people, but also brings many disadvantages. Its leftovers and wastes (waste flexible packaging bags, capsule boards, toothpaste skins, etc.) not only spread all over the country, but also penetrated into every corner of people's lives. It not only pollutes the environment but also causes a huge waste of resources. Why are these extremely pure and expensive aluminum and plastics discarded?

The new environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic separator technology developed by SUNY GROUP can successfully and completely separate aluminum-plastic composite materials into aluminum and plastic, completely dry physical separation, does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits.

Traditional aluminum-plastic separation technology: chemical separation. (Disadvantages: need water and chemical raw materials, high cost, cumbersome process, pollution to the environment, and harm to people.) Has been eliminated. Modern physical separation equipment: physical separation of equipment. ( Features: No chemical raw materials and water are needed, the equipment is directly separated into the whole shape; environmental protection, low cost, simple process)


Precautions for separation of aluminum and plastic:

1. The method of separation is whether the technology can pass the test. 1. The separation is not thorough. 2. How much is the cost of separation, don't believe the one-sided words of some people 3. Is the separation process complicated and cumbersome, and most people have not personally mass-produced it. They don't know much about it, and even some of the people who provide the technology don't even know any materials.

2. The problem of separating materials: such as aluminum-plastic board, medicine board, composite film, etc. 1. What is the material of aluminum-plastic board? Generally, beginners do not understand. Most of them are distinguished by sinking and floating, and the amount of aluminum. 2. The medicine board is divided into imported and domestic waste materials. The domestic ones generally range from 3500-4200. The materials are better but the quantity is small and the price is high. Imports range from 1800-3000. The amount of imports is relatively large, but it is easy to compound. The average person can't tell the difference, and even some professionals who provide technology do not understand. Garbage materials generally range from 1000-2000. The price is low, but it is dirty and troublesome to operate. 3. There are so many types of composite membranes that it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish what can and cannot be done. Common examples are electronic factory packaging bags, food packaging, toothpaste skins, milk bottle sealing, etc.

3. Whether the separated materials can be sold at a psychological price. 1. The price of different materials is very large. The specific distinction is based on personal experience. Generally, beginners do not understand and are prone to losses.

The above is the relevant introduction of aluminum-plastic separation technology. If you have any intention or interest in this regard, please feel free to contact us for consultation, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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