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Circuit board recycling equipment crushing and sorting process technology

2022-02-11 15:17:13

Waste circuit boards contain a lot of valuable resources such as ordinary metals and precious metals, organic resins, glass fibers, etc., and their recycling has good economic benefits. Recycling waste circuit boards is conducive to saving energy and improving the recycling rate of resources. , Due to the high hardness and toughness of the printed circuit board substrate, it requires high energy consumption for fine crushing, and part of the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy during the crushing process. Due to local high temperature, organic substances such as resins and plastics will produce toxic gases, which will inevitably produce noise and contain glass. Dust from fibers and organic resins will adversely affect the environment.


The crushing and sorting process technology of circuit board recycling equipment adopts dry separation technologies such as crushing, screening, air classification, magnetic separation, and electric separation as the way out to solve the problem of recycling waste circuit boards at present and in the future. First, the waste circuit boards are broken into fine particles, and then the separation method is realized according to the difference in the physical properties of each component, which generally includes processing processes such as crushing, grinding, and sorting. After removing the components and solder, use a shear crusher and a grinder with shearing and impact functions, respectively, to crush the waste board into powders smaller than 1mm. After two-stage separation of gravity separation and electrostatic separation, copper powder with a copper content of about 82% can be obtained, of which more than 94% of the copper has been recovered. The resin and glass fiber mixed powder size is mainly between 100~300μm and can be used as an additive for polymer products such as paints, coatings and building materials.

The recycling process mainly includes two-stage crushing, electrostatic separation, metal recovery and reuse of non-metallic materials. First, a combination of shearing rotary crusher and impact rotary mill is used for primary crushing and secondary crushing to achieve metal - The degree of sufficient dissociation of non-metals, and then use a roller type corona-electrostatic composite electric field high-voltage electrical separator to sort metal particles and non-metal particles on the broken waste circuit boards.

The circuit board crushing and recycling process is to separate metals and non-metals by means of crushing, pulverizing, air-selection, air-selection, specific gravity and high-voltage electrostatic separation to achieve 99.8% separation purity of metals and non-metals. Since electronic waste components are mainly composed of various metals, reinforced resin plates and copper wires attached to them, components and various metals plated on them, they have high hardness and strong willfulness, and need to be broken by a crushing process. That is, the crushing equipment with shearing effect can achieve better dissociation effect.

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