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Broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment production line

2022-03-21 16:00:20

The aluminum and thermal insulation strips in the waste broken bridge aluminum are directly sold to the aluminum factory for refurbishment, which makes its recovery rate low, also poses a threat and pollution to the environment, and prevents the thermal insulation strips from being reused. Aluminum plants have high requirements in this regard, and there are also many deductions, which makes the price of scrap broken bridge aluminum unsellable, so many people are entangled. Using broken bridge aluminum crushing and separation equipment to separate aluminum and plastics can not only improve the recycling of resources, but also make aluminum and plastics sell for a good price. The equipment has a high crushing and separation rate, and also allows useful resources to be effectively used, so that harmful resources can be solved, and environmental pollution is prevented.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment is also called aluminum plastic separator, broken bridge aluminum separator, broken bridge aluminum crusher, etc. The complete set of equipment includes: broken bridge aluminum crusher, conveyor belt, eddy current sorting machine, etc. The broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment can crush and separate the waste broken bridge aluminum scraps, scraps, waste materials and other materials, so that the aluminum and plastic in the broken bridge aluminum can be separated. The main function of the broken bridge aluminum crusher is to crush the broken bridge aluminum to obtain a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and then proceed to the next step. The impact and rubbing, the impact and rubbing between materials and materials, can well realize the separation of aluminum, heat insulation strips, and plastic paper in the broken bridge aluminum, and the size of the screen of the equipment can be controlled.

Eddy current sorting is mainly designed on the principle of recovering non-ferrous metals in solid waste and generating induced eddy current in the eddy current sorting machine. When the solid waste enters the sorting machine, it first feeds the vibrating screen and sends the waste material evenly. On the conveyor belt, when the non-ferrous metal enters the sorting area, the magnetic field induced by the eddy current inside the non-ferrous metal is opposite to the original magnetic field and repels each other, causing the conductive metal to jump up and then come out on the other side of the partition to obtain aluminum-plastic separation. The equipment has compact structure, reasonable process, clean sorting and high sorting efficiency, and is a good equipment for the separation and sorting of non-ferrous metal mixtures.

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