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Waste wire and cable copper recycling machine

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The waste and miscellaneous line recycling equipment mainly realizes the dual recycling and comprehensive utilization of metal and plastic. The equipment extracts iron-containing materials through coarse crushing, and then through fine powder, it is decomposed into a mixture of metal and plastic. Because plastic and metal particles are uniform and different in weight, they can be easily separated by a specific gravity separator. The plastic that has been sorted by the specific gravity separator is not clean, and will contain finer copper wires or copper powder (approximately 2-5%). The principle of the electrostatic separator can be used to extract the remaining fine copper wires or copper powder. After that, all metals are basically recycled, and there is no residual metal in the plastic, which greatly improves the value of use.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine


1. The environmental protection type copper wire recycling machine equipment has changed the unfavorable environmental protection methods of burning copper and washing copper with water powder. There is no waste water, waste smoke and no dust pollution in the whole process.

2. The equipment has a high degree of automation. 1-2 people can operate the equipment. Waste and miscellaneous wires are inserted here, and copper and plastics are discharged there. The control speed and feeding part are all controlled by frequency converter.

3. Copper rice machine equipment, high metal recovery rate. When combined with an electrostatic separator, the copper recovery rate can reach more than 99.7%, and it can basically achieve that there is no plastic in the metal and no metal in the plastic.

4. The metal market price is high. The metal copper or aluminum sorted by the environmentally friendly waste and miscellaneous wire recycling equipment is 500-1000 yuan/ton higher than the market price of washed copper and fired copper. Copper or aluminum is easily oxidized and lost in the case of water washing or fire.

5. All cutters of the shredder are made of hard cutters, which are sharp and durable.

6. The equipment has a compact structure and takes up less space. Easy to disassemble and install, convenient for maintenance.

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