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Dismantling of used rotors and recycling machines for copper

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The wet tissue automatic packaging machine is a new generation of packaging equipment independently developed by our technicians in combination with international paper and non-woven packaging equipment, in response to the requirements of customers at home and abroad. The whole machine adopts integrated design of light, electricity and gas, and has advanced technology. It is one of the most advanced paper and non-woven packaging equipment in the world.

Stator Copper Extractor Machine

Stator Copper Extractor Machine

The wet wipe machine can be used to produce small package wet wipes and wet wipes in four-side sealing packaging, such as: feminine care wipes, makeup remover wipes, medical disinfection wipes, isopropanol wipes and lens wipes, computer cleaning wipes Wipes, shoe wipes, aviation wipes, catering wet wipes, etc.

Product features of wet tissue automatic packaging machine:

1. Suitable for four-side sealing products such as wet wipes, alcohol cotton pads, cotton pads and disinfection cloths.

2. PLC touch screen control, stable and long-lasting operation, simple drive system, simple operation, low operation and maintenance costs, free to set up single pack, double pack (alcohol cotton sheet can be used as four packs).

3. Automatic alarm for wet tissue machine failure and clear display.

4. Positioned stop function, no sticking to the knife, no wasting of film

5. You can choose to clean the outer cover, low noise, low pollution, stainless steel body, beautiful and durable.

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