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Dismantling of used power batteries to extract rare metals

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Dismantling and recycling of used power batteries refers to the method of disassembling and extracting rare metals from recovered power batteries for reuse, and recycling the used power batteries. At present, the recycling methods of decommissioned power batteries on the market are mainly disassembly. On the one hand, the echelon utilization of decommissioned power batteries requires relevant technology accumulation and related experimental verification. It is still immature and is still being explored; the other is On the one hand, the number of decommissioned power batteries is still small, and it is difficult to scale up the use of cascades.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Power battery disassembly and recycling is mainly aimed at the serious loss of power battery capacity and cannot be used continuously. Only valuable resources such as cobalt, nickel and other rare metals can be recovered through disassembly. The extraction of valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt, and lithium in waste power batteries for recycling can avoid the scarcity of upstream raw materials and the risk of price fluctuations to a certain extent, and reduce the production cost of power batteries.

At present, a standardized recycling system for used power batteries has not yet been formed, and there is considerable room for improvement in industrial development models, standards, and technologies. The recycling of used power batteries has become a weakness in the green development of the power battery industry chain and even the new energy vehicle industry chain. Link. Considering the huge impact of waste power batteries on the environment, it is urgent to speed up the standardized development of the waste power battery recycling industry.

In the face of this market change, Luyue Automation Technology has developed a new lithium battery recycling and dismantling program, which involves a lot of crushing and sorting and other equipment, mainly based on safer, more time-saving, and cost-saving points. Technical interpretation shall prevail!

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