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How to recycle used tires?

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Waste tires can be processed in a variety of ways, such as prototype utilization, old tire retreading, recycling, auxiliary fuel, and thermal cracking and power generation technology processing. Waste tires can be crushed into rubber powder, which is widely used in highways, airstrips, flame-retardant materials, rubber and plastic bottoms, waterproof materials, sports runways and other fields. Rubber powder can be produced after desulfurization and used to make rubber products such as hoses and tapes.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Tire crushing treatment plan:

1. Double-shaft shearing shredder 2. Steel wire separator 3. Conveyor belt 4. Disc screening machine 5. Magnetic separator 6. Vibrating screen 7. Electronic control system

The tire crushing treatment program is mainly used in the production of TDF alternative fuels. The output particle size can be controlled below 100mm-50mm, and the processing output can reach 6-8 tons/hour.

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