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Copper electrolysis process equipment

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The electrolytic copper equipment is caused by the failure of the matte particles to settle from the slag. The slag viscosity and specific gravity are too high, and the melting point is too high, so that the matte is not easy to settle; the slag is not superheated enough, the volume and shape of the molten pool are unreasonable, the electrolytic copper refining equipment is quoted, and the settling time is not guaranteed; the chemical reaction is incomplete and bubbles are generated. Floating effect; the copper matte particles are large and small, and it is too late to combine into large particles and settle. In addition, the discharge of flue gas and electrolyte will cause the loss of copper.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Hydrometallurgical electrolytic copper technology: Hydrometallurgical copper uses sulfuric acid to convert copper in copper ore into soluble copper sulfate, and then puts iron in a copper sulfate solution to replace the copper. This method is called hydrometallurgy. The principle is to use displacement reaction to prepare metal.

①Technical principle of electrolytic copper smelting by hydrometallurgy: The chemical equation is as follows

CuO+H2S04==CuS04+H20 metathesis reaction

CuS04+Fe=Cu+FeS04 substitution reaction

②The production process of hydrometallurgical electrolytic copper:

One is copper leaching, electrolytic copper refining equipment factory, is to put iron in *** (CuS〇4.5H2〇) solution (commonly known as bile water), so that the copper ions in *** are replaced by metal into elemental copper and deposited .

The second is collection. Xining's electrolytic copper refining equipment will collect the replaced copper powder, then smelt and cast it.

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