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Complete equipment for recycling waste lead-acid batteries

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The equipment adopts advanced technology for overall crushing and sorting of waste lead-acid batteries, which can effectively separate plastic, lead acid, lead mud, lead particles, etc., and includes acid mist dust removal system, air purification system, etc. for your purchase, the whole process It is automatically completed and has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, strong processing capacity, and high recovery rate.

Lead-acid battery recycling production line, lead-acid battery recycling production line, the finished product of the battery recycling line is lead and plastic casing. Regarding the feed requirements, as long as the raw materials of lead-acid batteries, regardless of size, they can be sorted and processed by this machine.

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

Process characteristics:

1. Fully automatic work, saving labor.

2. Appropriate structure and layout, stable performance.

3. The production line is easy to install.

4. The production line can adopt different places.

5. Environmental protection production line. Separation part: purely physical separation. Smelting part: perfect air pollution purification system.

Advantages of lead-acid battery recycling production line:

1. Fully automatic feeding system, easy to control, can be operated by one person.

2. The material is directly transported by the conveyor belt, and the length of the conveyor belt can be customized.

3. The neat cut out of the plastic is complete, can be output automatically, and there is no acid leakage.

4. Motor brand supports customization, Siemens, etc.

5. The electric control power distribution cabinet system is easy to control and supports to start or stop at any time.

6. The entire structure of the machine body is made of steel, which is corrosion-resistant and does not require other maintenance.

Technical parameters of lead-acid battery recycling production line:

Battery cover part: 2200*2000*1300mm

Lead separator part: 1800*1700*1600mm

Work performance:

Raw materials: used lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries, waste batteries

Feed port One feed port (the feed port can be customized)

Labor 1-2 people

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