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How to deal with the lithium battery of a new energy vehicle after it is scrapped

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After the new energy vehicle battery is scrapped, two methods will be adopted: stepwise utilization and disassembly and recycling. 1. Step Utilization The current common new energy vehicle batteries usually have more than 60% energy storage capacity when they are scrapped. It is too wasteful to disassemble and recycle directly.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

These power batteries can be used by companies that do not pay much attention to battery performance, such as energy storage batteries in power stations, energy storage batteries in residential buildings, and emergency power storage. This stepped reuse can make full use of the full life cycle of the power battery.

2. After the dismantling and recycling ladder is used up, the power battery needs to be dismantled and recycled. In the past, lead-acid batteries were more polluting. In contrast, the mainstream lithium iron phosphate batteries are much more environmentally friendly. It does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other toxic heavy metal elements. Phosphorus, acid, iron, and lithium can all be recycled and reused. However, the electrolyte of the ternary lithium battery is still polluted and requires multiple harmless treatments before it can be discharged into the river.

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