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Complete process line of waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment

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In the process of waste lithium battery resource regeneration, not only should we pay attention to the recovery of cobalt and lithium, but also need to reduce process energy consumption, improve the level of recycling equipment production lines, and conduct research on the reduction of pollutants to achieve the expansion of the economic benefits of waste lithium battery recycling. And standardization of pollutant discharge.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The recycling and reuse of waste lithium cobalt oxide batteries starts with the recycling of single cells, and continuously enlarges the scale of recycling and adjusts the process flow. Finally, a reasonable industrialized recycling of lithium cobalt oxide batteries has been developed and automated mechanical separation process flow. The necessary conditions for each step in the recovery were found, and the metal materials in the lithium cobalt oxide battery were completely separated and recovered. First use the discharge medium to discharge the remaining power in the waste lithium-ion battery, and then shred, crush and smash the battery to separate the diaphragm, casing and the fragments of the positive and negative electrodes. The positive and negative plates are crushed, winnowed, and separated to obtain copper-aluminum mixed metal particles. , To realize the full-value recovery of waste lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

Fully enclosed automatic recycling process equipment line. The complete set of equipment has a high degree of automation, low emission environmental pollution, and high separation efficiency. It is a new technology and new product. At the same time, it is equipped with dust removal facilities and flue gas purification facilities. It is also suitable for phosphoric acid. Separation and recovery process of lithium iron battery, lithium nickelate battery and lithium manganate battery.

According to the actual situation of the disposal of waste lithium batteries (soft pack lithium batteries, hard-shell lithium batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries), we have launched a complete set of process lines of waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment with more mature technology and more advanced design. Recycling and utilization of waste lithium batteries The early crushing and volume reduction treatment provide reliable quality equipment and process lines.

The automatic crushing of the single cells obtained after the power battery is disassembled; improves the efficiency of power battery crushing, and solves the environmental protection hazards caused by traditional crushing; it can achieve the uniformity of the size of the single battery after crushing, and improve the work of subsequent equipment Efficiency; systemization of flue gas purification after crushing and treatment of odor and dust in the water spray system, thereby improving the recovery rate of battery materials with higher economic value; clean recovery system, ensuring the power battery in the crushing and sorting process Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly; intelligent collection of steel shells and plastics after crushing, collection of positive and negative materials, copper particles, and aluminum particles after shredding; intelligent collection of materials can realize each component in the battery Efficient recovery and sorting of the anode and cathode materials to achieve a high recovery rate of anode and cathode materials.

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