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Aluminum-plastic waste crushing, sorting and recycling equipment

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The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment is well-designed and uses physical separation technology. The crusher, high-voltage electrostatic separator, aluminum-plastic grinder and other equipment technologies in the supporting equipment can realize the treatment of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is pulverized and then finely pulverized, and then undergoes magnetic separation to remove iron, enters into the grinding powder, and enters the powdery aluminum-plastic mixture into the electrostatic separation equipment for separation. In the separation process, a dust removal device collects dust In this way, the problem of environmental pollution has been solved.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

All processes of the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment produced by SUNYGROUP are physical separation, without heating and burning water and chemicals, so it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. According to the size of the output, the waste is crushed first, and then crushed. When the material reaches a certain fineness, the plastic and aluminum are completely dissociated, and then the airflow specific gravity separator or high-voltage electrostatic separator is used to separate the plastic and aluminum. filter. The equipment has low process cost, high efficiency, and a separation rate of up to 99.8%. It is a fully automatic production line that saves time, effort, worry, and trouble. Only one or two people are enough to operate the machine.

With the in-depth application of aluminum-plastic in various industries, aluminum-plastic composite materials have become more and more widely used. Aluminum-plastic separation equipment has excellent technology and broad market prospects. The energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment are fully in line with the current domestic and foreign markets. need.

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