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Recycling solutions for waste cables and wires

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Recycling and solving waste cables and wires is mainly to obtain the rare metal copper in it. Therefore, for the waste cables and wires that you recycle, how to deal with them, no matter what method, the final purpose is to separate the copper and the wire skin. Therefore, everyone has the methods to treat waste cables and wires such as fire roasting, peeling, crushing, and refrigeration.

Cable Stripping Machine

Cable Stripping Machine

Hand-made peeling method: This method uses a manual method to peel off the cable and wire, which has high efficiency and high cost. It can be solved for some cables and square meters. If it is some car wires, network wires, and household appliances disassembly wires The actual effect is weak when the wool yarn is waste thread. With the development trend of today's economic development, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and the method of using this method to solve waste cables and wires is getting lower and lower.

2. Incineration: This method is a more traditional method, which uses the flammable characteristics of the wire sheath to immediately ignite the waste cable and wires, and then recover the copper inside. The copper is burned by fire. During the whole process of incineration of the cable, the copper core wire indicates that the air is oxidized more seriously, which reduces the utilization rate of rare metals. But igniting the wire skin has a great environmental pollution to the natural environment. Today, when our country stresses environmental protection, it is completely banned.

3. Mechanical equipment peeling method: This method uses the cable stripping machine equipment, which belongs to the semi-automatic actual operation, requires a manpower, and the labor efficiency is very high. More importantly, this method only applies to some single square meters of wires and cables. If we recycle raw materials such as car wires, home cable wires, network wires, and electronic wires, it is not appropriate to use cable stripping machines.

4. Mechanical equipment crushing method: This method selects the crushing and screening method, according to the crushing, the waste cable and wires are molted, and then the copper and plastic are separated by water cleaning or cyclone splitting and electrostatic induction separation. This method can be used It has a wide range. It can not only produce and process thick square meter wires and cables, but also produce and process raw materials such as car wires, motorcycle wires, battery car wires, network wires, communication wires, household appliances disassembly wires, and electronic wires. Leather machinery and equipment have a higher production volume, which greatly reduces the intensity of human work. In addition, this method is divided into dry test and wet test based on the difference between tap water and tap water. The dry test of metal crusher machinery and equipment does not require water cleaning. Today, when environmental protection is severely combated, its sales market The need is relatively large.

5. Chemical methods: Whenever the word "organic chemistry" is mentioned, the problem that everyone thinks of most is environmental pollution. Indeed, this method requires the application of organic chemical liquid, and the solution is solved by soaking the liquid to promote the separation of the wire skin and the copper. The problem is that the liquid medicine caused by it is not easy to solve and will cause a lot of air pollution. Therefore, this method is only in the test link, and there is no real capital investment for civilian use.

6. Refrigeration method: It is more high-end atmosphere at the first listen. This method was also clearly proposed in the 1990s. It uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to promote waste cable wires to be refrigerated at low temperatures and become brittle, and then undergo smashing and Vibration causes the plastic and copper to separate. The cost of this method increases, it is unable to scale modern operation, and there is no capital investment in specific production and manufacturing.

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