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How to dispose of used lithium batteries

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From the number of scrapped lithium batteries above, we can see how big the market for the recycling of used lithium batteries is. At this time, the used lithium batteries contain a large number of renewable and economically valuable metal resources, such as cobalt, lithium, Nickel, copper, aluminum, etc., if the discarded or unqualified lithium batteries can be effectively recycled, it will not only reduce the pressure on the environment from waste batteries, but also avoid the waste of metal resources such as cobalt and nickel. The production line technology can recycle the metal in the lithium battery, and can recycle the copper and aluminum, the separator, and the mixed metal of the positive and negative electrodes, resulting in considerable benefits. At this time, the lithium battery separator has value.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

According to the recyclable materials in the lithium battery, the machine that processes the characteristics of the lithium battery constituent materials copper, aluminum, positive and negative active materials, carbon powder, and diaphragm is called a lithium battery separator. The characteristic of the lithium battery separator is to use tearing. A product line that uses physical methods such as cracking machines, wind separators, hammer crushing systems, vibrating screening and airflow sorting to recycle its metals, turning waste lithium batteries into treasures and bringing recycling benefits.

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