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Scrap motor stator dismantling and drawing copper machine

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Rotor Copper Pulling Machine The stator dismantling and cutting machine is a newly developed stator coil dismantling machine of our company, which can be used for dismantling the motor coils of washing machines, electric fans, electric tricycles and other electrical products. The machine has the advantages of fast thread cutting speed, high efficiency of thread removal, small footprint and stable performance. Greatly improve the efficiency of stator maintenance and copper-iron separation. The equipment is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic control system, thread cutting cylinder parts, drawing cylinder parts, and electronic control system. It can be efficiently disassembled for 8-slot stator and 12-slot stator.

Stator Copper Extractor Machine

Stator Copper Extractor Machine

The working principle of the motor rotor disassembly machine is that the fixed knife is S-shaped and fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the chassis, it plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing. The moving knife is a hanging head. When the material is torn by the fixed knife, the turntable rotates to form particles close to the screen during the beating process, and then filter through the screen to enter the outlet. The lack of copper resources directly affects the development of the manufacturing industry. At present, half of my country's copper sources are sourced and imported. This requires raw copper to reduce the import rate of copper. Copper wires in scrap motors are indispensable for recycled copper. Raw materials. The motor copper dismantling machine is an indispensable equipment for the dismantling and recycling of waste motors. Hebei Xinpeng Motor's copper dismantling machine adopts a hydraulic cold treatment system, and uses the motor copper dismantling machine chopping tool to tidy one end of the copper wire in the stator of the waste motor Cut it off, and then use a hand-shaped grabbing tool to completely disassemble the internal copper wire.

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