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Scrap lithium battery recycling equipment

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The process of the production line of lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment is through the scrap battery enters the shredder for shredding, and the shredded battery enters the special shredder for shredding. The positive and negative plates and the diaphragm paper inside the battery are scattered, and the scattered materials are passed through the induced draft fan. Enter the collector, and then collect and purify the dust that appears in the crushing by the pulse dust collector. The material entering the collector enters the air flow sorting screen through the closed air device, and the diaphragm paper in the positive and negative plates is processed through the air flow and vibration. At the same time, the dust generated by the air separator is collected. Then, the mixture is separated and recycled using a combined process of hammer crushing, vibrating sieving and air flow sorting to separate and recover the positive and negative electrode components of the waste lithium ion battery.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium-ion battery recycling equipment separates the aluminum and copper in the anode and cathode sheets from the anode and cathode materials for recycling purposes. The entire production line runs under negative pressure, no dust spills during the production process, the production environment is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the dust emission concentration meets the environmental protection requirements. The pulverizing equipment performs scientific and effective treatment and disposal of waste lithium-ion batteries, which not only has significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

Important advantages of waste lithium ion battery treatment equipment

1. Waste lithium-ion battery treatment equipment has a wide range of applications, and can handle many types of lithium-ion batteries with different material shells, including soft packs, hard shells, steel shells, and cylindrical batteries.

2. The waste lithium-ion battery treatment equipment has high efficiency, long service life and stability. The production line of waste lithium-ion battery treatment equipment can be used for 20-30 years without problems, and there are relatively few vulnerable parts.

3. The production line of waste lithium ion battery treatment equipment is environmentally friendly, with high resource utilization and high renewable efficiency. The complete set of waste lithium ion battery treatment equipment production line can recover copper and aluminum and other lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate and other rare metals, and the recovery rate can be Achieve more than 99.8%.

The waste lithium ion battery recycling equipment has a high degree of automation and is easy to industrialize. All the recycling processes have completed industrial automation. The recycling efficiency, processing capacity, and the consumption of 500 kg per hour, the recovery rate of valuable components of waste lithium ion batteries is up to More than 90.

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