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The tire crusher discharge is too large to be adjusted in time

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The tire crusher is to break large pieces of tires into small ones. Generally speaking, there should be a certain range of material size control and quantity. If the material is too large, it is necessary to hurry up to check and make adjustments. .

The gap between the impact plate and the hammer head of the tire crusher is too large, the blow density of the blow hammer to the material is low, and the particle size of the impact received by the material is not enough. When the density of the material is high, and the gap between the impact plate and the hammer head is too large, the plate The hammer cannot crush the material well. Of course, the tires will have too coarse particle size and the reasons for the large size of the discharged material:

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

(1) The gap between the blower and the counterattack plate is too large;

(2) Plate hammer wear; Runlin FRP grating

(3) The rotor speed is too low. Generally, the gap between the impact plate and the hammer head is 15-20mm.

To solve the problem of too large granularity of the tire crusher, a solution can be found from the above reasons.

Of course, the size of the feed size and lumpness will also have a certain impact on the size of the output. When the size of the feed is large and the feed flow rate is also large, it will make the crushing cavity of the impact crusher form a full load phenomenon. In order to avoid the blocking phenomenon and aggravate the load of the equipment, the material is discharged from the discharging port before being fully crushed in the crushing chamber; the hardness of the crushed material will also affect the size of the crushing particle size of the impact crusher. The larger the crushing particle size, the higher the work efficiency, so the particle size of the discharged material can be adjusted reasonably according to actual needs.

Therefore, do not panic when such a problem occurs. This will not solve the problem. What we need is to use our own professional knowledge to solve it. This is a better way to solve the tire crusher problem.

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